03 January 2017

Get Paid Gold and Bitcoin for Playing Games

I am going to share 2 Get Paid Gold and Bitcoin for Playing Games site. Its fantastic that you can earn while you do a fun-full job of playing. Working old fashioned get paid to site sometime make us boring so this innovative way of earning will be favorable to all online users. The first one is Golden Mines, here you get gold and use the game gold currency to hire GNOME who are gold digger or gold miner. They have different skill and therefore have different price to obtain them and of-course a different amount of ORE producing capabilities. Please note that ORE are same to gold as you can exchange your ORE in to gold and then convert them in to cash or buy more GNOME so that you can earn gold more faster. You can get some gold from the store quickly if you can not wait long for increasing your gaming power thus you can make fast ORE in the game from the very beginning. You can join from the Banner or the Link Below and start increasing your ORE in Other Words Gold Mining capacity.

Profit every 10 minutes!

 ( Update: site is paying now) 
 If you like Golden Mines and can earn gold and bitcoin like a expert gamer then you can play exactly similar game like them made with same script with another domain which is on biz domain , its no question that you will get bonus from bonus section in both sites and invest to hire Gnome in any of them or in both. Below is their second site the banner is in Russian but the site is in English so Enjoy!
Golden Mine Bitcoin Game Profit every 10 minutes!
 Update: site is paying 
Its a farm where chicken and cow can generates bitcoin for you. You shall get instant bitcoin paid to your bitcoin wallet once you earn more than B0.002 bitcoin. And it can be done by buying chicken or cow in your farm and selling eggs and milk in the market in exchange of bitcoin. You can expand your farm to earn higher amount of Bitcoin. Thus it becomes a bitcoin mining farm game for online users. Signup from my link or banner below and get 1 Day Free Standard Chicken for all new members for the opening!

Bitcoin Farm Game!
Lots of people got paid. be in the list before the opportunity run outs from the hand. thanks