23 February 2018

Earn Free Pow Lite Coin for Sharing and joining with Social network Twitter Facebook

earn free pow lite  coin airdrop
It's Like Free Bitcoin....To claim your free POW 'lite' simply sign-in using your Facebook or Twitter account
this is a pure 'Airdrop' , only a Facebook or twitter account required to claim , you can refer unlimited friends and claim unlimited Pow 'lite' coin , each claim give you $1.60 at present rate.

Join Pow Today with twitter or Facebook : https://powtoken.com/index.php?ref=POW3336088

POW explained...

POW is a crypto-currency that is being given to all users of Facebook and Twitter. If you're a user of Facebook or Twitter it is completely free

to get an initial allocation, and the earlier you claim the bigger it is.

Although we're giving it away free, it's worth something, and is even rising in value. That's all down to the fact that 'you' are valuable, and

when there are 100 million of 'us' connected in a network that is incredibly valuable. Just look at Bitcoin as a rule of thumb - Bitcoin has

approximately 10 million holders and has a market capitalization of $100 billion (as of Oct 2017) - that suggests a per user value of $10,000. If

we are correct, that means the price of POW could rise dramatically as more and more people make claims.

The current version lets you send and receive POW with zero transaction fees with your Facebook friends. Soon we'll be releasing functionality

that means you can do the same with your Twitter followers. Next will come the ability to transfer POW with any other user just by sending to

their email address.

POW is all about recognizing your value, and giving it back to you. We hope you join us by claiming your POW, which is a rare thing - a free

and risk-less investment.

Join Pow Today with twitter or Facebook
: https://powtoken.com/index.php?ref=POW333608

This free to get coin offer require proper action. And and you plan it to join but take no action then it will remain only a wish.

21 February 2018

Earn Money Online with PointsPrizes

earn money online point prizes

PointsPrizes is a website that allows users to earn money online by completing offers such as watching ads, watching videos, installing apps to android mobile, completing survey offer, email submits, and downloads. Once you've earned enough points you'll be able to claim a PayPal or Bitcoin payment.

PointsPrizes is one of the Best excellent GPT website where you can earn money online. Here you get paid with points by doing task and deals of different offers that the site offer you, and claim your prizes in form of Gift Cards, paypal cash in different measures when your benefits come to the minimum of 3000 points ($20).

PointsPrizes - How To Earn Money Online - Payment Proof :

There offers and interface is very easy to use and the point are very easy to earn. I could begin inside minutes. The way the site works is that you make points and once you have enough points you can convert them in to some cool prizes.
Join Pointsprizes from the link below :

Hope you will earn point to claim your desire prizes very soon.

05 December 2017

Get Paid To Watch Video 40 dollar per month guaranteed

Earn money by watching video is very easy and rewarding. And I came across a site where you need to watch 20 videos daily and earn $40 per month in your first month. And you can make $60 to $100 per month if you can refer some people. You need to watch youtube videos and if possible hit like or comment some time so that you can get payment with no hassle. It may take only 30 minutes a day. You can watch multiple videos at the same time but I prefer not to do that if you actually enjoy videos and get reward for doing this fun job. So below I am giving you the step by step formula for starting the get paid to watch video job online.
Earn $40 per month watching 20 youtube videos daily.
step1> JOIN Earnstations.com using my referral id : 15056746157308 ( you must need a referral id and you should use mine if you need me to activate your account )
step2> refer 3 members to do the same.
step3> send $20 to my paypal , perfectmoney or payeer so that I can activate your membership there. if you need to contact about this activation send email(shafiqul4net@gmail subject: "EST activation")
Done!!!!! make $40 month after month to your paypal or payoneer debit card.
Please note I can only response to mail who will join under me and ready to activate account by me by sending $20 but anyway you can do your business yourself but in case you want to be in my team I am always ready to help you.

25 October 2017

Make Money With Social Site MonkyTalk With My Tips

make money with social site You can make money just by joining the social site Monkytalk. This is because Monkytalk social site will pay you $10 Canadian dollar to signup. Monkytalk is lot like social site twitter micro blog and Facebook but with a builtin chat box feature, Just chat in your free time and you will randomly get a bonus of 100 to 300 GP gold point which is equivalent to 4 cents to 12 cents. But on top of that a lucky person will also win Jackpot worth up to 12500 GP Gold point each day which is equivalent to $5.

How and how much earn in Monkytalk: First you should sign up and join monkytalk social website by following the link and the banner bellow and then read and follow all the steps and tips I have given below.

Invite Number : 504844

1. share your photos ans videos in lounge,so the other members can like them, every like worth 8 golden point (gp). You too like the others photos, 30 in a day, but only 1 per member, not more.

2. accept share of revenues from Monkey, you have seen the yellow pop-up appear on the top of the page,you have 60 seconds to accept it. If you don't, Monkey will call you again and again till you will take it. The share worth differently every day,it is shown there how much.

3. make every day 6 photos by yourself, upload them in your profile. Choose one to share it, a yellow box will appear on the right hand side, answer to the questions and then tag the photo with only 1 word. Tag all 6 photos, each tag worth 25 gp (gold points).

4. time to times a member pays to be liked, you will see a boost notification, like or dislike it. This worth depending how much the member had paid, from 1 - 40/50 or maybe more gp.

5. refer new members, invite friends to join, for every fully approved member They get $10 and you get $5. so
this is rewarding for both for your friends and you. and people will love you to see sharing this program.