26 July 2015

GoldenTowns Online Game For earning real money gold GTC

GoldenTowns Online Game For earning real money gold GTC

GoldenTowns is a free online game where the virtual gold can be exchanged for real money or for real 24k gold. 

GoldenTowns can be played straight with a browser such as internet explorer, chrome, Firefox. GoldenTowns game is based on town construction, political and military simulation by which you earn real money.

The reward system in GoldenTowns Online Game is the virtual currency - virtual gold. There are several ways to earn virtual gold for free. The base method is to construct a mining farm by which you will be able to mine some gold daily. But, it can be possible on daily basis after you build your town and reach a happiness level of more than 60%.  The best short step by step hints can be as follows;
1. Building and developing the Production Farm of the Vegetable, Wood , Stone Query etc.
2. Improving city structure by improving road level and setting up Fire-hall, Police-Stations, Hospitals, Churches, Banks, Restaurants etc.
3. Then is the process of improving the Home and the buildings , the higher the progress the higher the Happiness level, but automatically you got to complete the step 1 and 2 for getting this step 3 done.
4. Final step is to build a Gold Mining Farm and supply the vegetables, Woods, Stones, Clay etc for mining some golds daily.
5. Each process are done by spending 1 point of energy and you shall have a maximum 100% energy and it refills after a time intervals set by the GoldenTowns Game system.

GoldenTowns Online Game is another game for earning real money under the Anno1777 projects. 

 And the Virtual Gold  here can be exchanged for real 24k real gold which can be shipped to your home. At this moment each 127 gram of virtual gold can be exchanged for 1 gram of 24k gold. Also the virtual gold can be kept as a form of GTC cryptocurrency alike bitcoin. GTC aka Golden Towns Coin can be exchanged into Euro/Dollars/BitCoin as well and then can be withdrawn to the Paypal , Payza, bitcoin wallet , GTC wallet, or by paycheck. Each virtual gold are getting exchanged in the market at 3 Euros 4 dollars or x amount of bitcoins which changes increases decreases daily. As you can earn real money by playing GoldenTowns Strategy game which takes time to build. So the earlier you join the much you will able make with Goldentowns players. Below is my personal ref link which you can follow to join under me :
GoldenTowns Online Game for Earning Real Money Gold GTC

After joining I shall give you the best Country or Regions to reside and Build your city, so that you will remain in a safe war free country and won't have to pay a war tax from your earnings. Also many additional bonus set by the town owner can be received. However, You can join anytime without my link and in that case you will be assigned under a random member. But still I will feel great if this golden towns article helped you anyway. Thanks.

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