28 July 2015

PipsTycoon Social Trading Game To Get Paid Real Cash Gold For Free

PipsTycoon social trading game claims to be the first social trading game. 

But I find it more than a social trading game. The first reason for that is, trading currencies, commodities and the new breed of currencies such as cryptocurrency are very profitable at this moment. Many people do not get the chance to become familiar with these assets for their trading business. But Pipstycoon is the first social trading game that will help those people get some idea through their real world currency price and simulation system. Not only that but they will even pay you real cash for that.

Read more for the short features and rewards benefit from PipsTycoon social trading game : 

Pips are the values that determines the profit in Forex. The Pipstycoon Social Trading Game is based on virtual companies. There are over 50 types of companies available from wood production to Forex brokers or banks. However the Forex business perhaps the most popular for making the most money here.

Unlike any other games the PipsTycoon also have the virtual currency called "Gold" to reward its players. But the gold in PipsTycoon is different because it's 100% backed by real 24k gold bars. You can request a physical delivery anytime you want. You can signup at pipstycoon and begin to earn money by working under the 50 different companies here. You may have to verify your account with a mobile sms for the very first time as a new member, but this process is free and doesn't cost anything. Then Everyday you can work and earn 15 to 20 cents. You can only work in 1 company everyday. Your work experience and locality will increase everyday if you stay active. After day 7 you may continue to work or grow your capital by trading in the Forex market to increase and multiply your earning. You can invest 50 cents out of your $1.40 on day 7. And using 500x leverage making 5 cents profit is very easy. However with higher capital people are making $2 to $10 from each trades at this moment. But also some people are making losses as because the volatility and risk concerns in the Forex business. But as it is a game , you can try to make fastest profit and can exchange them in for real cash or 24k gold sent to your Paypal, Payza, Netteller or Home address.
Start Begin PipsTycoon social trading game by following the link below:
Get Paid To Play PipsTycoon Social Trading gamehttp://www.pipstycoon.com/?i=36016

Put your desire username , password and personal email address and start playing instantly.
You can play it and increase your skill and earning potential. Anno1777 and its other GoldenTowns Game pays rewards and cash through Paypal , Payza , Netteller, bitcoin, and the virtual gold also known as Golden Town Coins GTC (another accepted cryptocurrency in the online community) . You will become very wealthy if you can build your portfolio with this strategy games. Many people trades gold and GTC for $2000 or more per month. And you can reach that level within 12 to 18 months if you stay active. So by making delay in starting you will miss a great advantage. So Start Pipstycoon social trading game and start making money like other folks! from today!!

26 July 2015

GoldenTowns Online Game For earning real money gold GTC

GoldenTowns Online Game For earning real money gold GTC

GoldenTowns is a free online game where the virtual gold can be exchanged for real money or for real 24k gold. 

GoldenTowns can be played straight with a browser such as internet explorer, chrome, Firefox. GoldenTowns game is based on town construction, political and military simulation by which you earn real money.

The reward system in GoldenTowns Online Game is the virtual currency - virtual gold. There are several ways to earn virtual gold for free. The base method is to construct a mining farm by which you will be able to mine some gold daily. But, it can be possible on daily basis after you build your town and reach a happiness level of more than 60%.  The best short step by step hints can be as follows;
1. Building and developing the Production Farm of the Vegetable, Wood , Stone Query etc.
2. Improving city structure by improving road level and setting up Fire-hall, Police-Stations, Hospitals, Churches, Banks, Restaurants etc.
3. Then is the process of improving the Home and the buildings , the higher the progress the higher the Happiness level, but automatically you got to complete the step 1 and 2 for getting this step 3 done.
4. Final step is to build a Gold Mining Farm and supply the vegetables, Woods, Stones, Clay etc for mining some golds daily.
5. Each process are done by spending 1 point of energy and you shall have a maximum 100% energy and it refills after a time intervals set by the GoldenTowns Game system.

GoldenTowns Online Game is another game for earning real money under the Anno1777 projects. 

 And the Virtual Gold  here can be exchanged for real 24k real gold which can be shipped to your home. At this moment each 127 gram of virtual gold can be exchanged for 1 gram of 24k gold. Also the virtual gold can be kept as a form of GTC cryptocurrency alike bitcoin. GTC aka Golden Towns Coin can be exchanged into Euro/Dollars/BitCoin as well and then can be withdrawn to the Paypal , Payza, bitcoin wallet , GTC wallet, or by paycheck. Each virtual gold are getting exchanged in the market at 3 Euros 4 dollars or x amount of bitcoins which changes increases decreases daily. As you can earn real money by playing GoldenTowns Strategy game which takes time to build. So the earlier you join the much you will able make with Goldentowns players. Below is my personal ref link which you can follow to join under me :
GoldenTowns Online Game for Earning Real Money Gold GTC

After joining I shall give you the best Country or Regions to reside and Build your city, so that you will remain in a safe war free country and won't have to pay a war tax from your earnings. Also many additional bonus set by the town owner can be received. However, You can join anytime without my link and in that case you will be assigned under a random member. But still I will feel great if this golden towns article helped you anyway. Thanks.

23 July 2015

Legit Online Job Directory

Legit Online Job DirectoryLegit Online Job Directory Can Help People Starting an Online Job very easily. 

Legit Online Job is available all over the internet. But the job market are full with candidates. And the increment of daily unemployment rate making it more harder to get a job vacancy. However the demand of advertisement is not over but rather the budget for advertisement is increasing day by day. And now the advertisement market become a billion dollar market. Legit Online Job directory can show you how you can get your job in this billion dollar industry. Legit Online Job directory have all the list of big companies and the list of jobs available in those companies.

Don't get scammed by the money earning pyramid scheme like matrix, hype or high yield investment program, Stuffing Envelopes or Multi-Level-Marketing. Legit Online Jobs are far different from those kinds and it has all the knowledge about them and other internet junks. So, you may get better prospect if you do the jobs from the legit online jobs directory.

How to make a great monthly salary Online by working from home with Legit Online Job Directory? 

 First, you need is to create an account in the Legit Online Job Directory. Then you have to select companies that you want to work with and advertise. Then Start advertising by posting ads for those companies and watch for the money comes in to your account. You only have to post once and make money over and over. You can keep making money for your work while you take your vacation or spend time with your friends and family. You can make $1000 per month with no delay and can turn it up to $9000 per month depending on your skill and time spent for your job. Online Job Directory will show and guide you in the beginning. You will find sample of the ad posting and advertising job you have to do for the companies.

It is obvious that you will learn how to get better result and develop your skill and experience. And thus you can increase your monthly income. I find the legit online job directory to be a great platform for people who are looking for a legit online job. Because while you are trying to work with freelance job, customer service job then this data processing and advertisement job turn out a good option to earn money. Because this is a legit job online and related to a billion dollar market. And the legit online job directory is always trying their best to make it legit, honest and scam proof. So the more you work the more you will be making in the future with legit online job directory.

16 July 2015

Survey Job from home to Earn Money Online

survey job online

Survey Job is a great work from home opportunity to earn  money online. 

Anyone can earn money for their valuable opinion. Survey companies need people for survey for product reviews of various companies and businesses. They look for consumers and general public for their survey project and pay instant cash for completing each survey. So, anyone who want to make some extra money can participate in paid survey job online. There is no requirement of technical or marketing skill for doing survey job from home.

But joining bulk paid survey sites may not help you making money efficiently. Because there are more than thousands of paid survey websites , and many of them are out dated , do not pay or send surveys which will waste your time. So you need to join legit and premium survey companies. And you can find them easily in paid survey list directories. I have giving you 2 websites of that kind where you will find more than 150 premium survey job companies which are categorized by country, language and international based.
After subscription and getting access to the survey directories, you need to join at-least 20 websites. Because every websites will send you a survey once every week or two. So by joining 20 websites you will get the opportunity to receive 8 to 10 surveys per week. Also remember that 2/3 of the survey will be specific according to professions , ownership of specific products such as car, house, electronics etc. or patient of specific disease such as diabetes, pressure, anxiety, asthma etc. So it is obvious that after 50% completion of the survey job you will  be disqualified if those do not match with you but also it may match as well. However 5 to  8 surveys daily will be flexible and suitable for all people, and you can complete them if you check surveys on regular basis before they expires.
So for example if you participate in 6 survey job per week that pays an avg. $15 then you will earn $90 per week , $360 per month. Not bad for earning online by doing paid survey job.

 But these are an example and doesn't guarantee that you will make the same amount which mentioned here. You may earn even more or earn less depending on your work and efforts. But Survey job is a legit job and avg. people do make some extra money with this online job as per my knowledge.