24 January 2017

Get Money by Playing Online Game For Free

Get Money to play the game golden tea. You can get real money by playing a easy and fun game online. Golden tea is an ultra modern project where people win real money at home. This project is developed by literate programmers and experienced designers.Golden Tea give real money for virtual leaves. You can buy more bush in your garden of field and multiply the production of tea leaves or you can make a powerful garden by planting quality bush which produce more tea leaves which brings you more coins and gold and then exchange them for e-currency cash or bitcoins. Oh! you shall get bonus bounty in each 24 hours for free!!! So Signup and get 5000 free coins to buy your first bush and claim bonus bounty every day from bonus section .  Signup and play :

Minethings is an idle game where you are forever mining for things 24/7, even while logged out. When you come back to check on it, you're guaranteed to be richer. Maybe a lot richer! You can get to use that wealth to either invest in your mining enterprise and trade and upgrade yourself by different stuffs. In the beginning you are mining for gold. This is a good way to start playing because with gold you can buy the cheap upgrades that will let you mine faster. Your first job is to build a mining robot. Click "Mines" on the left and buy whatever and it will increase your bph (buckets per hour).

Once your robot is built, you'll need to buy equipment for it. Click on the robot and you'll be taken to the equipment market where you will able to make your purchases. Besides you might buy vehicles and start trading between cities, or work for another player at their factories, or get a 2nd and 3rd mine to triple your income. But generally it all starts by building that robot. Free Browser Game Bitcoin Mining Gameshttp://www.minethings.com/play/free_browser-based_incremental_pvp_MMO_RPG_weapons_trading_cities 

Good luck!