25 May 2015

Now you can make bitcoin with Minecraft Game

In Minecraft, players get emeralds by finding the emerald ore in the world and mining them or by trading with computer-controlled non-player characters for food or items.
Now this favorite game
Minecraft will pay you crypto currency Bitcoin which is growing and widely accepted by online users. Earning Bitcoin for playing minecraft can be done by installing Minecraft and by connecting to the bitcoin reward server at :http://q.gs/PmNs
This is useful for people who loves minecraft and love to earn bitcoin, as they will be earning Bitcoin by normally playing Minecraft that they always do for enjoyment and later convert their bitcoin in to cash.

Earn Bitcoin From Social Media Site BitLanders

Begin earning bitcoin with BitLanders

Bitlanders is a new social network with the brand name related to Bitcoin and really pays bitcoin to their social members. BitLanders is like a competitive social game where you are ranked with a BuzzScore and as a reward can earn Bitcoin. You start earning few satoshi just after creating your profile and keep increasing it by uploading photos and sharing content, bringing your friends, getting followers, and interacting with them. If you do well! Gems and Bitcoins can be spent in the bitLander's shop or requested through Instant Payments! There are several renowned shop available where you can redeem your rewards , Or you can get paid via PayPal or Bitcoin. Follow This Link To Join Bitlanders Opens in New Frame >> And Start climbing the buzzscore charts!


You can start by posting a message to the community, writing your first blog.. or just uploading an image or a video! Completing the various quests which will be assigned to you will help as well..

bitcoin earning process

When you join and finish the tutorial at BitLanders , you can begin and access everything from the upper right + sign. And you can click it only after you finish the tutorial and close it at the bottom ;)