05 December 2017

Get Paid To Watch Video 40 dollar per month guaranteed

Earn money by watching video is very easy and rewarding. And I came across a site where you need to watch 20 videos daily and earn $40 per month in your first month. And you can make $60 to $100 per month if you can refer some people. You need to watch youtube videos and if possible hit like or comment some time so that you can get payment with no hassle. It may take only 30 minutes a day. You can watch multiple videos at the same time but I prefer not to do that if you actually enjoy videos and get reward for doing this fun job. So below I am giving you the step by step formula for starting the get paid to watch video job online.
Earn $40 per month watching 20 youtube videos daily.
step1> JOIN Earnstations.com using my referral id : 15056746157308 ( you must need a referral id and you should use mine if you need me to activate your account )
step2> refer 3 members to do the same.
step3> send $20 to my paypal , perfectmoney or payeer so that I can activate your membership there. if you need to contact about this activation send email(shafiqul4net@gmail subject: "EST activation")
Done!!!!! make $40 month after month to your paypal or payoneer debit card.
Please note I can only response to mail who will join under me and ready to activate account by me by sending $20 but anyway you can do your business yourself but in case you want to be in my team I am always ready to help you.

25 October 2017

Make Money With Social Site MonkyTalk With My Tips

make money with social site You can make money just by joining the social site Monkytalk. This is because Monkytalk social site will pay you $10 Canadian dollar to signup. Monkytalk is lot like social site twitter micro blog and Facebook but with a builtin chat box feature, Just chat in your free time and you will randomly get a bonus of 100 to 300 GP gold point which is equivalent to 4 cents to 12 cents. But on top of that a lucky person will also win Jackpot worth up to 12500 GP Gold point each day which is equivalent to $5.

How and how much earn in Monkytalk: First you should sign up and join monkytalk social website by following the link and the banner bellow and then read and follow all the steps and tips I have given below.

Invite Number : 504844

1. share your photos ans videos in lounge,so the other members can like them, every like worth 8 golden point (gp). You too like the others photos, 30 in a day, but only 1 per member, not more.

2. accept share of revenues from Monkey, you have seen the yellow pop-up appear on the top of the page,you have 60 seconds to accept it. If you don't, Monkey will call you again and again till you will take it. The share worth differently every day,it is shown there how much.

3. make every day 6 photos by yourself, upload them in your profile. Choose one to share it, a yellow box will appear on the right hand side, answer to the questions and then tag the photo with only 1 word. Tag all 6 photos, each tag worth 25 gp (gold points).

4. time to times a member pays to be liked, you will see a boost notification, like or dislike it. This worth depending how much the member had paid, from 1 - 40/50 or maybe more gp.

5. refer new members, invite friends to join, for every fully approved member They get $10 and you get $5. so
this is rewarding for both for your friends and you. and people will love you to see sharing this program.

09 October 2017

Best etherium Earning Mining Game Site

Ethero is the best ethereum earning game where you play and mine ethereum. This is same playing platform like the giant bitcoin mining game called bitcofarm and bitcomine where are more than 230,000 members and all getting paid huge amount of
crytocoins like bitcoin and ethereum. But in the past only few site were available to earn ethereum and they use to pay 1 to 2 szabo per ptc advertisement or faucet task which is small fraction of ethereum so to speak 0.0000001 ethereum. but Ethero mining site is not low paying ethereum site but it helps you earning .005 ethereum just in 3 days and it pays 10 to 100 szabo per ptc ads and you can earn 1000 to 1500 szabo 0r 0.0001500 etherem per day and when you invest or sum up your earning to hire a miner then you will able to mine coal , diamond jewelry and sell them in exchange of Ethereum. and in that time once you may be able to earn .1 ethereum or 100000 szabo per week. and even more.

 you can join from above banner or link and get a miner for free for 4 days which will mine coal and you can exchange for ethereum. this is signup bonus offered to all new members who will join ethero for the first time. You can invite friends and multiply your earning beside the more you invest in the game the more ethereum you can make in the shortest time possible. that is why this is the best ethereum earning mining game in 2017.

26 August 2017

bitcomine another giant bitcoin earning bitcofarm

bitcomine bitcoin earning program

bitcomine another giant paying bitcofarm. here you will mine coal , diamond jewelry and sell them by exchanging for bitcoin into your wallet, there are several investment plan to hire miner and mining materials to boost your earning and you can check ads and accumulate some investment in your purchase balance. bitcomine came up with a unique script like bitcofarm and has the same paying structure. so it is surely going to be popular like bitcofarm that already paid over 880 bitcoin which is equivalent to $3,69,6000. and that day is not far when bitcomine will paid this amount to its members as well. they will be a high paying bitcoin earning program and currently offering a bonus of 4 day of free coal mining to all members. unlike bitcofarm here you can mine in your coal mining farm and generate coal, diamond, jewels etc and sell them for bitcoin. you will hire miners and can mine daily.
currents in avg the bitcomine users can Earn Daily from 0.00010BTC to 0.00044 from Mine. you can invite your friends and earn more along with your own daily earning.

Joining Bitcomine.net and start earning is very easy with few easy steps -> signup and create your account and Open the mine and start earning Bitcoin now! then Select your miners and increase your earnings! You can Buy up to 20 miners and increase daily earnings! Buy Buy diamond miner and start earning more! To boost your income you can Invest big and earn big with Jewelry Store!

Free Bitcoin every 24 hours without job or investment

Free bitcoin every 24 hours

At qoinpro you will get free bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, peercoin, dashcoin, feathercoin and virtacoin every 24 hours.
you dont have to fill-out any captcha or invest any money to get these free coins everyday. You need to be a member that's enough to get eligible for your free coin rewards. Just invite your friends and let them get free coin and in return your free coin bonus will be multiplied and increase. Your free coin can increase from 7% to a maximum 1250% by inviting your friends in to this site. This site is running more than 5 years and still working fine. I guess they have the largest users that enjoying the free coin everyday. You start with free coins and keep getting free coins months after month without any restriction. There is nothing harder than a one time signup for creating for your free account from
the link below.

Free Bitcoins every 24 hours.


19 May 2017

10 Free Bonus for Cloud Crypt Coin Mining

Wow! I came across a bonus rewarding cloud crypt coin mining website. This cloud crypt coin mining website is currently giving away $10 free as a bonus upon signup. After signup you can use this bonus $10 worth cash to rent 16m/h crypt sha crypt coin hashing power which will generate 30 cents profit per day for you. That means it will approximately earns for you $2.1 per week and $9 per month without doing any kind of work from your part and you can withdraw this cash to your master card, paypal or your favorite bitcoin wallet. So far bitcoin is the best strong crypto currency and 1 bitcoin price has now risen to the highest record value of $1920 per bitcoin. So this is the perfect time for mining bitcoin for free on cloud mining server.



Get Your $10 Gift Voucher
Rent 16mh/s sha mining power and earn 30 cents worth of crypto coin profit per day and withdraw to your master card, paypal or bitcoin wallet when your balance reaches $100 , thanks.

Get Paid to Take Survey Free Survey Job

Get paid to take survey and participate in free survey job and make money online for free. Your
opinion are valuable and you get paid for them. But the good part is the elite survey site are not listed in the free directory and you need to become a member and pay to get access to the
list. But do you know there is a free elite site for all which is free to join and you can get paid from that site every now and then. Yes friend I am talking about that SURVEY SAVVY our best savvy survey for cash program. And this site accept membership from all over the world , although you may not get survey job so often. But when you get a offer then you will get paid in full.

I have joined this site 4 moths ago and my balance is already $17 by completing only few survey and there are another $5 is waiting to be added in my balance with next 2 weeks that means a total sum of $22 in 4 months while I was busy doing my regular job online. Its a side income you can say that. So don't waste your time friend join this legit and paying survey job site for free today and start earning cash. 
Beside I want to give you two info about this site. First the survey task here is very easy and takes less than 10 minutes to complete and pays $5 in avg. second, if you keep your profile complete with all the available information then there are more chance of getting new survey beside if you install their surveysavvy surveyconnect software in your computer it will help you as well. So Enjoy!!

Earn Bitcoin by Solving Unlimited Captcha

Earn money by solving captcha. Now Earn Bitcoin by solving captcha. And here you even do not have to type. Because the captha job here are simple google image captcha job and there is no limit on how many captcha job you can solve per day. You can solve as much captcha job you want
and earn .2 bits or 20 satoshis per captcha. This captcha job is so easy that by doing 1 hour of captcha
job you can make 12000 to 20000 satoshi very easily. This captcha are similar to those image capctha that you solve only with few mouse clicks before logging into many website now a days. So everybody will like this captcha solving job for sure. And there are already more than 50,000 members
who have received more than 40 millions bits or 4000 millions satoshis as a payout so far. and they have
a very good Alexa ranking and active twitter news board where there are many giveaways and competitions runs by them every month. Just join their site and you may withdraw your bitcoins to your bitcoin wallet or if not then by linking it to micro wallet platform of faucethub.io.
So start earning bitcoin by doing solving captcha job. The new captcha filling job in the bitcoin industry.

Set your own hour and earning limit and earn as much as you want by doing captcha solving job for bitcoin.
Happy Earning! Enjoy!!

19 March 2017

Play Money Birds Farming Game and Make Money

I got few more money bird games which is same as the previous bird farming game which
you can play for free and make money. In these money bird farming games  you can earn bitcoin and money. In these money bird farming game you will get a bonus section where you will get bonus silver coins once every 24 hours which you can use to buy birds for free without paying any money out of your pocket. But If you invest for buying birds then you can speed up your progress and earning in these game which is pretty simple to figure out. 

Earning is these game is easy you need to buy birds, and they will lay eggs every hour and you need to login once every 24 hours and collect these egg and sell them for gold coins and those gold coin can be exchanged for cash to withdraw to your Perfectmoney, webmoney, qiwi wallet or payeer account or can be used to buy more birds so that you can get higher amount of eggs each day and obviously higher eggs can be sold for higher number of gold each day, and oops you need to collect your bonus from the bonus section while you log to collect egg and sell them for gold. So the bonus section is a additional earning feature on top of your bird farming business game. Now I have posted few bird farming games in my blogs already , now I am adding few more below, signup and participate in the daily earning program. Also get a signup bonus of 1000 gold coins where applicable and buy your first 1 or 2 birds for free.

 and there are another bird farming game same like  this one and that is called main birds farming game and they will give you 1000 golden coins as a signup bonus and they have also vk social site following bonus which will give a bird worth 2500 gold coins for free but at present it seems to be under construction and may work any while so stay tune and join and create your account in the mean time if you don't want to miss the daily 24 hourly bonus.

 so have fun and earn in the mean time.

29 January 2017

Golden Birds Bitcoin Money Earning Game

I have two Bird Farming games, in both game you can earn bitcoin and money. In both game you shall get a bonus section where you will get bonus silver coins once every 24 hours which you can use to buy birds for free without paying any money out of your pocket as investment. But If you invest then you can speed up your progress and earning without any doubt. As because in this game there are bird shop where there are variety of birds available. Each bird brings special eggs per hour basis that you can then sell on the market and exchanged for real money. Each bird brings a different number of eggs. The more costly the birds the more higher number of eggs it brings. You can buy them an unlimited number of times, our magic birds do not die and will always carry the eggs! You can also sell their birds. the sale, the Commission is as follows: 10.00% of the value of the birds. The first site will give a 1000 silver coins as a signup bonus to gear you up with your birds egg production business. And you can buy 2 green birds that cost 500 silver coins each. You will get egg and sell them for real cash and silver or gold coins daily and on top of that will receive a bonus from the bonus section daily so that you can have enough coin to buy more birds to multiply your earning join from below and get your 1000 coins for free : The little problem is only few of the part of the site is in English and rest are in Russian language, but if you can operate than you can play easily because it has only few task to follow to play.

Super Bird Bitcoin and money earning games with 1000 free coin

The second site is also same and the Game is in English but there is no Bonus. However they have also the bonus section where you can collect silver coins once every 24 hours and also their silver coin are available at a very cheap price and have a 200% deposit bonus at this moment. I have just bought 6 rubles which cost me only 11 cent and it gave me 600 silver coins with a 200% replenish bonus so I got a total 1800 silver coins for only 11 cents and you can buy silver coin lime me and gear up you progress without building it slowly in the beginning stage. So just Buy birds, they will lay eggs for you. Eggs will be stored in a storehouse, collect it. Sell eggs and you will get silver coins. Exchange silver coins for real money, or buy more birds and they will give you more income! Its that simple : join from my link and I shall give you more news in future : Don't be scared by the banner because the site is available in full English language :

Golden Bird Bitcoin and money earning games Profit every 10 minutes!http://golden-birds.biz/?i=1302946

24 January 2017

Get Money by Playing Online Game For Free

Get Money to play the game golden tea. You can get real money by playing a easy and fun game online. Golden tea is an ultra modern project where people win real money at home. This project is developed by literate programmers and experienced designers.Golden Tea give real money for virtual leaves. You can buy more bush in your garden of field and multiply the production of tea leaves or you can make a powerful garden by planting quality bush which produce more tea leaves which brings you more coins and gold and then exchange them for e-currency cash or bitcoins. Oh! you shall get bonus bounty in each 24 hours for free!!! So Signup and get 5000 free coins to buy your first bush and claim bonus bounty every day from bonus section .  Signup and play :

Minethings is an idle game where you are forever mining for things 24/7, even while logged out. When you come back to check on it, you're guaranteed to be richer. Maybe a lot richer! You can get to use that wealth to either invest in your mining enterprise and trade and upgrade yourself by different stuffs. In the beginning you are mining for gold. This is a good way to start playing because with gold you can buy the cheap upgrades that will let you mine faster. Your first job is to build a mining robot. Click "Mines" on the left and buy whatever and it will increase your bph (buckets per hour).

Once your robot is built, you'll need to buy equipment for it. Click on the robot and you'll be taken to the equipment market where you will able to make your purchases. Besides you might buy vehicles and start trading between cities, or work for another player at their factories, or get a 2nd and 3rd mine to triple your income. But generally it all starts by building that robot. Free Browser Game Bitcoin Mining Gameshttp://www.minethings.com/play/free_browser-based_incremental_pvp_MMO_RPG_weapons_trading_cities 

Good luck! 

03 January 2017

Get Paid Gold and Bitcoin for Playing Games

I am going to share 2 Get Paid Gold and Bitcoin for Playing Games site. Its fantastic that you can earn while you do a fun-full job of playing. Working old fashioned get paid to site sometime make us boring so this innovative way of earning will be favorable to all online users. The first one is Golden Mines, here you get gold and use the game gold currency to hire GNOME who are gold digger or gold miner. They have different skill and therefore have different price to obtain them and of-course a different amount of ORE producing capabilities. Please note that ORE are same to gold as you can exchange your ORE in to gold and then convert them in to cash or buy more GNOME so that you can earn gold more faster. You can get some gold from the store quickly if you can not wait long for increasing your gaming power thus you can make fast ORE in the game from the very beginning. You can join from the Banner or the Link Below and start increasing your ORE in Other Words Gold Mining capacity.

Profit every 10 minutes!

 ( Update: site is paying now) 
 If you like Golden Mines and can earn gold and bitcoin like a expert gamer then you can play exactly similar game like them made with same script with another domain which is on biz domain , its no question that you will get bonus from bonus section in both sites and invest to hire Gnome in any of them or in both. Below is their second site the banner is in Russian but the site is in English so Enjoy!
Golden Mine Bitcoin Game Profit every 10 minutes!
 Update: site is paying 
Its a farm where chicken and cow can generates bitcoin for you. You shall get instant bitcoin paid to your bitcoin wallet once you earn more than B0.002 bitcoin. And it can be done by buying chicken or cow in your farm and selling eggs and milk in the market in exchange of bitcoin. You can expand your farm to earn higher amount of Bitcoin. Thus it becomes a bitcoin mining farm game for online users. Signup from my link or banner below and get 1 Day Free Standard Chicken for all new members for the opening!

Bitcoin Farm Game!
Lots of people got paid. be in the list before the opportunity run outs from the hand. thanks