04 December 2016

Earn Money by Playing Games Online For Free

Here are few games where you can play and earn money money at the same time. first one is marketglory which is a free to play strategy game. In this game you will able to work for factory and companies , increase your productivity and experience and earn cash in your local currency and also participate in world politics , war , business etc. You can easily can create a business and let other work under you and generate product materials and the earned cash during these activities can be transfer to your e-wallet or bank account. you can join marketglory strategy game and start earning money today from the link below:
Join synopsis's empire http://www.marketglory.com/strategygame/synopsis
The another game is are backed by anno1777 studio lab and this game is called goldsmugglers and be not afraid because its a PC game, yes this need to installed in your windows PC or mac and one step further from web based strategy game. The game has changed various time as it was not fits the satisfaction of the owner. And in first released version it was introduced in an island where with a limited energy a player was required to find gold from the treasures box, then in the 2nd release it was introduced in a ancient jungle filled with praying buildings where in several place the treasure box was placed and this time a radar map were introduced, and in the present version the map and the are is made bigger and a robber with gun will be in the action for hunting gold by tackling guards in the several place. its very adventurous while you earn gold and each gold can be cashed out in a price of $5.86 or around $6 . To participate in this game you can clink on the link below and join and start playing and earn gold immediately.
earn gold playing gameshttp://www.goldsmugglers.com/?i=574
Explore, build and win real cash. GoldSmugglers is an economic and financial simulation game where the members can convert their virtual gold into real cash anytime they wish. You can begin a virtual company, get into politics or explore amazing 3D worlds. It takes a few minutes to open an account. Start making money today.

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