28 July 2015

PipsTycoon Social Trading Game To Get Paid Real Cash Gold For Free

PipsTycoon social trading game claims to be the first social trading game. 

But I find it more than a social trading game. The first reason for that is, trading currencies, commodities and the new breed of currencies such as cryptocurrency are very profitable at this moment. Many people do not get the chance to become familiar with these assets for their trading business. But Pipstycoon is the first social trading game that will help those people get some idea through their real world currency price and simulation system. Not only that but they will even pay you real cash for that.

Read more for the short features and rewards benefit from PipsTycoon social trading game : 

Pips are the values that determines the profit in Forex. The Pipstycoon Social Trading Game is based on virtual companies. There are over 50 types of companies available from wood production to Forex brokers or banks. However the Forex business perhaps the most popular for making the most money here.

Unlike any other games the PipsTycoon also have the virtual currency called "Gold" to reward its players. But the gold in PipsTycoon is different because it's 100% backed by real 24k gold bars. You can request a physical delivery anytime you want. You can signup at pipstycoon and begin to earn money by working under the 50 different companies here. You may have to verify your account with a mobile sms for the very first time as a new member, but this process is free and doesn't cost anything. Then Everyday you can work and earn 15 to 20 cents. You can only work in 1 company everyday. Your work experience and locality will increase everyday if you stay active. After day 7 you may continue to work or grow your capital by trading in the Forex market to increase and multiply your earning. You can invest 50 cents out of your $1.40 on day 7. And using 500x leverage making 5 cents profit is very easy. However with higher capital people are making $2 to $10 from each trades at this moment. But also some people are making losses as because the volatility and risk concerns in the Forex business. But as it is a game , you can try to make fastest profit and can exchange them in for real cash or 24k gold sent to your Paypal, Payza, Netteller or Home address.
Start Begin PipsTycoon social trading game by following the link below:
Get Paid To Play PipsTycoon Social Trading gamehttp://www.pipstycoon.com/?i=36016

Put your desire username , password and personal email address and start playing instantly.
You can play it and increase your skill and earning potential. Anno1777 and its other GoldenTowns Game pays rewards and cash through Paypal , Payza , Netteller, bitcoin, and the virtual gold also known as Golden Town Coins GTC (another accepted cryptocurrency in the online community) . You will become very wealthy if you can build your portfolio with this strategy games. Many people trades gold and GTC for $2000 or more per month. And you can reach that level within 12 to 18 months if you stay active. So by making delay in starting you will miss a great advantage. So Start Pipstycoon social trading game and start making money like other folks! from today!!


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