19 March 2017

Play Money Birds Farming Game and Make Money

I got few more money bird games which is same as the previous bird farming game which
you can play for free and make money. In these money bird farming games  you can earn bitcoin and money. In these money bird farming game you will get a bonus section where you will get bonus silver coins once every 24 hours which you can use to buy birds for free without paying any money out of your pocket. But If you invest for buying birds then you can speed up your progress and earning in these game which is pretty simple to figure out. 

Earning is these game is easy you need to buy birds, and they will lay eggs every hour and you need to login once every 24 hours and collect these egg and sell them for gold coins and those gold coin can be exchanged for cash to withdraw to your Perfectmoney, webmoney, qiwi wallet or payeer account or can be used to buy more birds so that you can get higher amount of eggs each day and obviously higher eggs can be sold for higher number of gold each day, and oops you need to collect your bonus from the bonus section while you log to collect egg and sell them for gold. So the bonus section is a additional earning feature on top of your bird farming business game. Now I have posted few bird farming games in my blogs already , now I am adding few more below, signup and participate in the daily earning program. Also get a signup bonus of 1000 gold coins where applicable and buy your first 1 or 2 birds for free.

 and there are another bird farming game same like  this one and that is called main birds farming game and they will give you 1000 golden coins as a signup bonus and they have also vk social site following bonus which will give a bird worth 2500 gold coins for free but at present it seems to be under construction and may work any while so stay tune and join and create your account in the mean time if you don't want to miss the daily 24 hourly bonus.

 so have fun and earn in the mean time.