29 January 2017

Golden Birds Bitcoin Money Earning Game

I have two Bird Farming games, in both game you can earn bitcoin and money. In both game you shall get a bonus section where you will get bonus silver coins once every 24 hours which you can use to buy birds for free without paying any money out of your pocket as investment. But If you invest then you can speed up your progress and earning without any doubt. As because in this game there are bird shop where there are variety of birds available. Each bird brings special eggs per hour basis that you can then sell on the market and exchanged for real money. Each bird brings a different number of eggs. The more costly the birds the more higher number of eggs it brings. You can buy them an unlimited number of times, our magic birds do not die and will always carry the eggs! You can also sell their birds. the sale, the Commission is as follows: 10.00% of the value of the birds. The first site will give a 1000 silver coins as a signup bonus to gear you up with your birds egg production business. And you can buy 2 green birds that cost 500 silver coins each. You will get egg and sell them for real cash and silver or gold coins daily and on top of that will receive a bonus from the bonus section daily so that you can have enough coin to buy more birds to multiply your earning join from below and get your 1000 coins for free : The little problem is only few of the part of the site is in English and rest are in Russian language, but if you can operate than you can play easily because it has only few task to follow to play.

Super Bird Bitcoin and money earning games with 1000 free coin

The second site is also same and the Game is in English but there is no Bonus. However they have also the bonus section where you can collect silver coins once every 24 hours and also their silver coin are available at a very cheap price and have a 200% deposit bonus at this moment. I have just bought 6 rubles which cost me only 11 cent and it gave me 600 silver coins with a 200% replenish bonus so I got a total 1800 silver coins for only 11 cents and you can buy silver coin lime me and gear up you progress without building it slowly in the beginning stage. So just Buy birds, they will lay eggs for you. Eggs will be stored in a storehouse, collect it. Sell eggs and you will get silver coins. Exchange silver coins for real money, or buy more birds and they will give you more income! Its that simple : join from my link and I shall give you more news in future : Don't be scared by the banner because the site is available in full English language :

Golden Bird Bitcoin and money earning games Profit every 10 minutes!http://golden-birds.biz/?i=1302946