17 September 2016

Bitcoin Mining Your Own Bitcoin Earning Machine

When no third party program works and boring and hardworking clicking and typing job for few satoshi becomes a pain then the easy solution for earning bitcoin is mining bitcoin by yourself. It is now a history when people used to mine bitcoin with their computer. Because now the difficulty in solving become as high that 1 minute of mining with high performed bitcoin mining machine such as 1 terahash to 4.73 terahash s7 antminer will be equal to 100 years of waiting with computer mining at present and we can not imagine about the future at this moment. By the mean time while difficulty is rising then with the grace of technology we found high performed bitcoin miner machine with lot more cheaper price. Now we can buy 4.73 tera hash s4 antminer at the price of $500 which is 10 times cheaper than few months back. and we are looking for 14.0 terahash s6 antminer machine which is now $2500 in more cheaper price such as around $1500 to $1800. Below you can find 2 scrypt miner if your budget is low and you have interest to enter in the world of bitcoin mining by yourself. Scrypt miner still kept his realm of bitcoin mining ability while sha256 asic miner is beating its record by presenting 14.0 terahash which is available for public. And I still have suspension about the corporate and factory leveled machine before their release in the market. Below is the 2 scrypt miner with cool budget for enter in the mining market and sale bitcoin dogecoin in a profitable price and even more you can trade them for a while before liquidity and transforming into hard cash. And I can not say how long it will be available in the market.

       At the end I would like to say that while there is a high competition in the bitcoin mining market and rising difficulties making upset the people who have low powered machine so more and more machine are waiting to be thrown in the garbage as the bitcoin mining machine is specifically made for bitcoin mining purpose and they are for no use for computer or any other electronic parts other than computing the bitcoin algorithm and hashes that invented by Satoshi Nakamoto.

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