03 July 2016

TSU Social Media Pays Money For daily Job.

Who have not heard about Facebook in the era of 2016 ? Facebook Social Media have user over 1 billions who have not heard of them but already using them for sharing their status , photos , videos, comments, etc. Its really great when we use it as a media of online communication. Now for now what if I say that you can do all of these and in return get pay for it ? well it is likely be a part of corporate shares divided with you and me for publicity. And this is already known to many people already but if you yet to know that social media site then my personal link is here www.tsu.co/synopsis777 YES! TSU.
Tsu or Tsunami is another platform like Facebook, just the difference is they will pay you dollar for your post in the , comments, shares , friends etc. In this very moment I want to add up and want to beg pardon by saying that Facebook is corporate site that are capable of giving free and peaceful service and in TSU you may not get the same experience which is very much a fact in most service that everyone agree I guess.

Few things about TSU that can help you to become a smart user is as follows.
1) post up to 28 basic post only and not more than that.
2) share up to 8 post not much than that.
3) you can give up to 1000 likes every day peacefully.
4) keep at least 50 friend request pending per week.
5) up to 10 #hashtag will get your post noticed.
6) try to keep 1000 followings
7) try to have 5000 friends in full.

Hopefully if you can reach this target then easily you can earn a lots of money with TSU. My post is very late for TSU platform but I know they are stable and big platform now that is why I become interested to join and use their platform.

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