16 July 2015

Survey Job from home to Earn Money Online

survey job online

Survey Job is a great work from home opportunity to earn  money online. 

Anyone can earn money for their valuable opinion. Survey companies need people for survey for product reviews of various companies and businesses. They look for consumers and general public for their survey project and pay instant cash for completing each survey. So, anyone who want to make some extra money can participate in paid survey job online. There is no requirement of technical or marketing skill for doing survey job from home.

But joining bulk paid survey sites may not help you making money efficiently. Because there are more than thousands of paid survey websites , and many of them are out dated , do not pay or send surveys which will waste your time. So you need to join legit and premium survey companies. And you can find them easily in paid survey list directories. I have giving you 2 websites of that kind where you will find more than 150 premium survey job companies which are categorized by country, language and international based.
After subscription and getting access to the survey directories, you need to join at-least 20 websites. Because every websites will send you a survey once every week or two. So by joining 20 websites you will get the opportunity to receive 8 to 10 surveys per week. Also remember that 2/3 of the survey will be specific according to professions , ownership of specific products such as car, house, electronics etc. or patient of specific disease such as diabetes, pressure, anxiety, asthma etc. So it is obvious that after 50% completion of the survey job you will  be disqualified if those do not match with you but also it may match as well. However 5 to  8 surveys daily will be flexible and suitable for all people, and you can complete them if you check surveys on regular basis before they expires.
So for example if you participate in 6 survey job per week that pays an avg. $15 then you will earn $90 per week , $360 per month. Not bad for earning online by doing paid survey job.

 But these are an example and doesn't guarantee that you will make the same amount which mentioned here. You may earn even more or earn less depending on your work and efforts. But Survey job is a legit job and avg. people do make some extra money with this online job as per my knowledge.


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